Scoutmaster Minute: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is here, and that means a school holiday, some football games to watch, and a big meal of turkey with all the trimmings.

It’s a great time for everybody. But before the holiday is over, take a few minutes to think about what Thanksgiving really means. Thanksgiving started out over 100 years ago by the Pilgrims as a time for giving thanks to God for his blessings. We should make sure to keep that thought in our celebration today.

That doesn’t mean we have to spend the whole holiday time in prayer. By all means we should enjoy the feast and the football. But we should also remember that a Scout is reverent, and part of that point of the Scout Law is praying and giving thanks at appropriate times. So when you sit down with your family to your big Thanksgiving dinner, don’t forget to offer your thanks to God, not only for the food but for all your other blessings.


Yours in Turkey and Football,

James Rogers

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